Videography & Design 拍摄与设计选辑

This gallery contains videos that are part of my portfolios as well as for personal projects. 此页收录了我本人所做过的影片作品。

To check out all of my Work portfolios: click here! 我为公司以及其他客户所做过的作品,可以点这里观看!

(Scroll below for more categories)

All Videos and Concept Videos 广告,短片电影,采访片段

A compilation of some design works I created for the past 3 years, as well as my own directed short films.


Documentary Works 纪录片

Bristol Castle Minecraft Documentary. Role: Camera & Sound Recordist

A documentary about an independent surf-board maker based in Bristol, UK.



Game Design Works 游戏设计

I made games and did some of the coding as well as design works, mostly using Unity engine.


YouTube Works 网上短片


Others 其他

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