Shortcuts: (Scroll down below the shortcuts for the full video compilations)

Portfolio for Concept Arts & Designs:


Portfolio for Game Design & Prototypes:


Portfolio for Filmmaking:


Portfolio for Promo Videos/Interns/Paid Project:



Portfolio Compilations:

Concept Arts, Designs and Others


Game Design & Prototypes

Film Portfolio
Other Paid Projects/Interns:

Bright Green Futures: The Pioneers. Roles: Shooting & Editing.


Fragments Film. Role: First AD, Camera & Sound Recordist.


ISIC: Symposium of Warwick  & Indonesian Embassy. Does the shooting & editing for the 4 days events.


Bristol Castle Minecraft Documentary. Role: Camera & Sound Recordist

Bristol Election Promo Video


Ed Lofstedt Band’s Promo video for their new album:



Self-Made Surfing Board









Short Films:

Nerf-Hostage Series

Nerf-Hostage 1

Director, Scriptwriter, Camera & Sound



Nerf-Hostage 2

Director, Scriptwriter, Camera, Sound & Colour Grader


Nerf-Hostage 3

Director, Scriptwriter, Camera & Colour Grader




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